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Big Bad Toy Store

Big Bad Toy Store lists great new pre-order and in stock Items we like!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
These highly realistic Pop-Up Dioramas can be combined with action figures to stage ultimate action sequences! Move the panels around and recreate in seconds. You have the option on connecting multiple Pop-Ups for an even bigger setups and scenes. These 3D cubes are great for scaled action figures!

The sextet of astromech droids comes to you in a specially designed R2-D2-shaped box featuring these six 3.75” scale action figures. Each droid sports multiple points of articulation, similar to the collector-favorite figures of The Vintage Collection. Each figure includes rolling wheels on their feet, plus jointed domes, ankles, shoulders, and maybe even a few other surprises. $79.99

Ripley stands approximately 7" tall and features a new head sculpt and new deco, both exclusive to this set. She comes with a flamethrower accessory that has a special "fire effect" attachment. Newt stands approximately 5" tall. Both feature authorized likenesses and have over 25 points of articulation for dramatic poses. These figures make a great display piece both in and out of the box! $41.99

Leaping into the fray to defend the innocent, Kotobukiya’s ArtFX+ statue of Ultimate Spider-Man depicts him diving into the action in a powerful pose. Miles wears his distinctive costume, a variant of the classic version in black and red with bright white eyes and a deeply sculpted web pattern. The dark color scheme and bright highlights along with the lifelike feel of Miles’ pose and the intricacies of his sculpted physique make for a stunning presentation. $54.99

Kaiyodo brings the 1966 Batmobile with Batman and Robin figures and the LR-051 Legion for their Legacy of Revoltech line. These PVC figures and vehicles are great for display rather than play.

The VF-1D Super Veritech Trainer stands approximately 6 inches tall, is fully articulated, and can be converted into three different modes: Fighter, Battloid or Gerwalk mode. The Robotech VF-1D Veritech was most commonly used in practice during the First Robotech War. It is well known for its tandem cockpit which made it the primary vehicle for training Veritech pilots. $54.99

The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Captain Phasma in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. She stands approximately 13 inches tall and features the character’s signature chrome colored armor and helmet, specially applied multiple layers of metallic paint on armor with weathering effects, finely tailored cape, highly detailed blaster rifle, and hexagonal figure stand with the First Order’s emblem! $249.99

Re-create the biggest battles and missions of the Star Wars saga with these figures from The Black Series by Hasbro! With exquisite features and articulated movement, the figures in this series like the First Order Snowtrooper, Flametrooper, and Jango Fett embody the quality and realism that Star Wars devotees love.

Featuring nine points of articulation, Tygra expressively flexes his calculated feline ferocity thanks to Mezco. Sculpted with superb detail and adherence to the classic television show's source material, this figure also includes his weapon of choice — the powerful Thundarian Bolo-Whip. This figure is packaged in a collector-friendly window box that allows him to be displayed while remaining mint in box. $40.00

Ron Hembling starts a new project...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
"Hi All,

I try not to do two projects at once but I really couldn't hold back anymore, I had to start on the Stan Arts 1/12 Dewback.

The casting on the is excellent there is next to no seem lines and what there is of them took me 15 min all up to get rid of the. The legs and toes were glued with superglue and the legs were attached to the body using superglue as well.

I have my trusty helper Bob show how great a Bandai Figure works with this kit. I have some little gaps I have to fill and then I will be using this leather to cover the saddle and bridle as for the reins.


Needless to say we are loving this so far!

Kualan previews the next chapter!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
"Here's a preview for the next issue!"

Needless to say the wait is just agonizing for me. What a great way to keep The Clone Wars alive and well. Matter of fact I find Kualan's story a bit more entertaining than the orginal TCW, but don't tell Mr. Filoni!

Darth Streams is back with more 3D Printed Goodness!
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
"Other things I've been up to is, I printed a g0t0 directly of the model from KOTOR II TSL, and scanned my 15 inch cthulhu and printed him at 2.5" scale."

Wow that g0t0 looks fantastic! I would so love to see this in action wouldn't you?

Bronxstalker is back with a new Mando...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
He shows us a new Mando he has made...

This one is also up for grabs on eBay if your like him!

KRZTFR shares more of his Fallout Armor...
-- Posted by Tamer on Thursday, August 25 2016
"Now a bit added some additional make shift armor pieces..."

It is really looking tough to me.

Ron Hembling shares his progress on his Rogue One Trooper...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016
"Hi All,

No to much of an update. I finished the chest section and have covered the joints on the legs and have started on the back of the armour.

I have also started adding plastic card and putty to the helmet so that I can shape it and then start adding the rest of the armour it the helmet.

If your wondering why I have only painted sections of him it because painting the areas I have sanded makes it easier to spot any cracks or uneven areas.


And yet another great customizing tip from the customizing master Ron Hembling!

Mandalore 25 is back with an update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016
"Been a while, had to keep #199 on the down low to enter it in a contest, got 3rd place. I'm quite pleased how my Deku Link from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask turned out, he actually looks like wood. Started with the World of Nintendo minifigure, taking off the head and feet. Retooling the head, I bulked it up a bit to keep the scale factor, and cut the hat off to add in a swivel joint, so the clear stand could be used, and he can twirl like in the game. The body is from a Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails action figure with the hands and feet taken off."

Trust me there is a lot more to this build than the first part of his description above. This one is up for sale on eBay" if you are interested.

Darth Streams putting his 3D Printer to great use...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016
"My original Naga Sadow sculpt took about 2 days to print because of the ridiculous high quality build height I have my prints set to (0.04mm) which is almost 10 times finer than average. Then the wip pics, black coat, red coat, then terracotta overlay with details."

Wow that looks great!

The Closet Jedi shows us his Throne Room Update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016
Once again via our Facebook Page.

Jay shows us more of his stuff on Facebook...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016
Looks like a complete Burger King Collection to me. Cool stuff you will find on our Facebook Page!

Gentle Giant Ltd - September 2016 Newsletter...
-- Posted by Tamer on Wednesday, August 24 2016

Stronox shows us his 6" Scale Durge...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 23 2016
"At last I have completed my 6 inch scale Durge! He is super articulated, the chest emblem has been scribed (not just painted) has tons of his signature weaponry including magnetic shields, his jetpack arms are super poseable and can be removed and he is a very big boy...This is probably the most involved custom figure I have ever done and I def will not be making another ever! He is up for sale on my FB page as well...Thanks for taking a look!"

Wow, he sure looks great to me.

Darth Daddy is back with an update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 23 2016
"Here's the next one!


Looks spot on to me.

Stronox is back with another great update...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 23 2016
"The latest in a batch of more commission pieces...Working hard!"

They sure look fantastic to me! Make sure you scroll down when you are done and see his awesome six inch Durge too.

Panther figures out his Sith Trooper Helmet...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 23 2016
"I was looking at the Lego Sith Trooper's Toms helmet and thought to myself that I've pulled apart this Snowtrooper, rebuilt his armour and now I'm going to stick a Lego helmet on his head. I've got this far and that just felt like cheating a little, so I decided to cast the Toms helmet and make it a little larger. Something I have only done once before and that was making bones for my Rancor pit.

After taking the initial mold, I carved into the cast and made the helmet deeper and extending the face plate a little. It turned out rather well and Tom is happy because he gets his helmet back ;)!

I also added extra pieces onto his armour, extra bits onto his gauntlets, he just needs a little sand down and then I think he'll be ready to paint!"

I think it turned out rather well too!

KRZTFR is back with a WIP...
-- Posted by Tamer on Tuesday, August 23 2016
"Raider Power Armor WIP"

It looks like he is off to a great custom to me!

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